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Additional Qualifications


The Ontario College of Teachers has established five Standards of Practice for the Teaching Profession. These are a commitment to:

  • Professional Knowledge
  • Professional Practice
  • Leadership in Learning Communities
  • Ongoing Professional Learning
  • Commitment to Students and Student Learning

To assist teachers in meeting these standards of excellence, Six Nations Polytechnic is able to offer critical AQ courses and has as a goal, the development of future AQ offerings.

The importance of professional development in the teaching profession is recognized and it is ensured that our courses meet the highest standards of pedagogical inquiry, enrichment, and engagement. In addition, our AQ courses and the PQP course offer a unique Indigenous perspective and are designed using the Two Row Wampum philosophy. All Additional Qualification courses are currently 125 hours over 12 weeks. All courses are asynchronous with some of our courses having some synchronous sessions as well.

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