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Student Success

Six Nations Polytechnic is committed to supporting student success. Please contact your campus Student Success Officer for more information on programs and services that promote student success.

Academic Advising

Our Student Success Officers (SSOs) are here to help you succeed. SSOs will assist you as you enter college/university, as you navigate the options and choices that are open to you, and work with you to develop the skills and abilities that will help you make the most of your time at SNP.

College & Trades see Kari Hill at

University and Lifelong Learning see Lee-ann Blackbird at

Academic Accommodations

SNP provides support to students who need academic accommodation during their studies with us. The Student Success Officers (SSOs) are available to help students navigate their way through the academic accommodation process. Students are encouraged to connect with their SSO as soon as possible.”

Accessibility Services is committed to providing equal opportunity, individualized accommodations, and support to students with disabilities. Have Questions? Need Assistance? Want to Book an Appointment? Contact Accessibility Services (AS) at or by phone at (226) 493-1245 EXT. 7260.

Office A102A -Brantford Campus, Six Nations Campus -By Appointment


Tutorial assistance is available for full-time students. For additional information contact an Education Counsellor at Grand River Post Secondary Education Office (GRPSEO) or visit their website at

Good2Talk (1-866-925-5454)

Good2Talk is a free, confidential service for post-secondary students in Ontario, available 24/7/365. Students can call or text to receive professional counselling and information and referrals for mental health, addictions, and well-being. These services are available to any student studying at a post-secondary institution in Ontario.


Please check your SNP email & Brightspace for all upcoming events and relevant information.

Student Affairs Staff

Hailey Thomas-Wilson

Student Affairs
Unit Manager - Student Affairs

Julieann Lofthouse

Student Affairs
Accessibility Navigator

Kari Hill

Student Affairs
Student Success Officer - College & Skilled Trades

Lee-ann Blackbird

Student Affairs
Student Success Officer

Student Policies

Our Philosophy and Belief - the Foundation of Six Nations Polytechnic Board Policies

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If people do not keep pace with others perhaps it is because they hear a different drummer. Allow them to step in harmony to the music which they hear however measured or far away. Our cosmology places Native people in a balanced familial relationship with the universe and the earth. In our languages, the earth is our Mother, the sun-our Eldest Brother, the moon-our Grandmother, the plants and animals-our brothers and sisters. From this view, our people believe that all elements of the natural world are connected physically and spiritually and are to interrelate to each other to benefit the whole. The responsibility then falls on the people to peacefully maintain nature’s delicate balance to ensure that unborn generations can enjoy what we enjoy today. Six Nations Polytechnic accepts this responsibility and is devoted to facilitating the will and determination of our community to maintain an environmentally friendly world through education, training, and research.

Six Nations Polytechnic, a native-focused institution of learning, has a moral responsibility to the people to take a lead role in the preservation of our environment. Through the Hodinohso:ni`/Rotinonhshonni world view of our universe we will assist in the survival of life on this planet through research, the study of alternative views, and the dissemination of information.

Six Nations Polytechnic will endeavour to keep up with the beat of the 21st century and at the same time offer the understanding inherent in our language and culture. In this way, the people may receive an education that assists them to keep pace with both drums.

Six Nations Polytechnic will take a lead role in bridging the chasm of understanding between the two cultures of our lives and create an atmosphere for healing our differences so that we can both look with optimism into the 21st century.

Six Nations Polytechnic has the role and responsibility, as an institution of the people of Six Nations, to offer the opportunity to be educated to ensure languages and culture survive. It also has the responsibility to provide an education that enables our people to survive in both worlds.

Six Nations Polytechnic is becoming the catalyst that offers the opportunity and place for our Native scholars and elders to share their knowledge with all our people and to offer the non- Native an opportunity to study a different worldview.

Created by Harvey Longboat Sr. 1994 

Accommodation Plans

Student Accessibility and Accommodations
SNP will respect the dignity of persons with a disability and is guided by the Ontario Human Rights Commission in providing accessible education. It is understood that the accommodations process is a shared responsibility. Students with a confirmed or suspected physical, mental health, or learning disability are advised to make an appointment with the Student Success Officer as early as possible to initiate their request for accommodations. It is recommended that students request this appointment well in advance of the need for accommodation.

Are you a student with a confirmed or suspected disability or accommodation need? SNP has great resources to assist you. The Accessibility Navigator is available to help students navigate their way through the academic accommodations process.

Documentation Required
Proper documentation from the appropriate, registered health care professional is usually required before services may be provided. In the case of a learning disability, a recent psycho-educational assessment is required. Reports from previous special education services or disability services programs (IEP, IPRC, WSIB) are also helpful. All information provided to Student Success Services will be held in confidence and will only be released with the student’s informed consent.

Information shared with the Student Success Officer will not be released without your written consent and personal information is held in the utmost confidence.

Personal information including medical documentation and psycho-educational assessments is collected in order to understand student needs and provide reasonable disability accommodations as required under the Ontario Human Rights Code. Personal information is maintained in a secure manner, in compliance with relevant privacy legislation.

Student Success Officers
Student Success Officer for University and Lifelong Learning (Six Nations Campus):
Lee-ann Blackbird

Student Success Officer for College and Trades (Brantford Campus):
Kari Hill

Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services is committed to providing equal opportunity, individualized accommodations, and support to students with disabilities. Have Questions? Need Assistance? Want to Book an Appointment? Contact Accessibility Services (AS) at or by phone at (226) 493-1245 EXT. 7260. Office A102A -Brantford Campus, Office