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Special Education Part 2

Program Description

Six Nations Polytechnic’s Special Education Part 2 course builds on Special Education Part 1 and is designed to support educators in creating safe, inclusive, and welcoming learning environments.  This Additional Qualification course provides candidates with the opportunity to enrich professional practice, and extend knowledge, dispositions and skills in the development and delivery of Special Education programs. Participants will strive to develop a holistic perspective related to the strengths, interests, and unique needs of learners by exploring with a holistic lens and integrated theoretical foundations, mandated policies, development and implementation of instructional design and practices, along with implementing assessment and evaluations that are based in research and ethical considerations related to teaching and learning in the Special Education field.


 The course is framed around the two-row epistemology of the Good Mind, and inquiry-centred questions generated from this philosophy specifically frame each module; with the modules and assessment tasks designed to progress toward increasingly informed responses and differentiation practices.   Part 2 explores effective classroom designs (Inclusive, UDL, DI), strategies and supports for Special Need Learners, teacher-based assessments, community and school resources, and alternative reporting and planning.  Authentic classroom applications and critical reflective inquiry are used to bridge theory and practice in each module.

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Program Length
12 Weeks
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Program Contact
(519) 445-0023 ext. 6226