Program Description

The Bachelor of Arts in Ogwehoweh Languages (BAOL) is a fully accredited (general three-year) undergraduate degree focusing on Mohawk or  Cayuga language and is organized into four streams: language, grammar, lifelong learning, and community engagement. Graduates develop strong communication, research, evaluation and critical thinking skills in all four streams, moving through a program that allows them to develop and demonstrate the ability to identify problems and propose solutions, both individually and collectively, contributing to language revitalization efforts in all its forms.

Program Highlights

  • Study in the Six Nations of the Grand River community
  • 3-year program or 6 semesters
  • Bachelor’s of Arts degree, accredited by Six Nations Polytechnic
  • Reach up to an intermediate low speaking proficiency in your selected program language (Cayuga / Mohawk)


  • Graduates of the BAOL may be eligible for entry into year 4 of the Honours program. Consult with the Admissions Officer to determine your eligibility for the Honors pathway.
  • Contact Admissions for more information regarding the categories of Listener, Audit, or Letter of Permission if you are interested in continuing studies in our outside of a university program.
Admission Requirements: 
  • Admission is on the basis of an OSSD transcript
  • A 65% admission average is required on the best six Grade 12 university or mixed (i.e., 12U or 12M) courses
  • Students who do not meet the admission requirement may be considered for admission as a Mature Student with limited course enrollment. Contact the Admissions Officer for more details.
Career Paths: 
  • Teacher
  • Educator
  • Professor
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Instructor
  • Librarian
  • Historian
  • Environmental conservation officer
  • Education Resource Developer
  • Curriculum Writer
  • Curriculum Resource Developer
  • Policy Analyst
  • Community Developer
  • Writer
  • Researcher
  • Education Administrator
  • Translator
  • Language Revitalization Strategist