WIPCE 2017 Master Classes

The WIPCE 2017 Master Classes is a new and exciting process that is designed to significantly enhance the sharing and learning process for WIPCE delegates.

Delegates will experience a deep dive into processes, strategies, and theory related to each class.

There are four classes to choose from for the course of two days. Please see below - more content is currently being generated for each of the classes. 

Master Class 1

Strategies to Enhance Indigenous Student’s School Based Learning Experiences and Outcomes

Master Class 2

Research for Indigenous Education Transformation and Resilience

Master Class 3

Strategies to Enhance the Role of Parents and Community in Indigenous Education

Master Class 4

Indigenous Languages of the World

Tracey Deer
Tracey Deer
Tom Deer
Tom Deer
bob morgan portrait

Master Class Coordinator, Professor Bob Morgan

Professor Morgan is a Gumilaroi man from Walgett western NSW. He is a highly respected and acknowledged Aboriginal educator/researcher who has worked extensively throughout Australia and internationally in the field of Aboriginal knowledge and learning for over forty (40) years.