Past Events


Six Nations Polytechnic - Brantford Campus Info Session

Drop in at our Brantford Campus for an info session to learn more about what SNP can offer!


Ogwehoweh Storytelling Workshop: Memoirs with Barbara-Helen Hill


Ogwehoweh Storytelling Workshop: Short Stories with Amber Adams


Ogwehoweh Storytelling Workshop: Poetry with Janet Marie Rogers


Six Nations Polytechnic - Brantford Campus Open House

Join us for our Brantford Campus Open House to learn more about our campus, facilities, programs and courses and much more!


Six Nations Polytechnic - Six Nations Campus Info Session

Drop-in at our Brantford Campus for an info session to learn more about what SNP can offer!


Six Nations Polytechnic Info Session: Brantford Campus

Drop-in to our Brantford Campus info sessions to learn about our programs and courses.


CE Artisan Series - Textile Arts: Baby Ribbon Shirt or Dress

This three-day workshop will focus on a ribbon shirt or dress specifically for infants (boy or girl). Students in this workshop will learn the basic skills needed to make baby clothing.

Workshop Fee: $90.00


“Indigenous Women and Peacebuilding” with Sara General

This workshop will explore aspects of Haudenosaunee matriarchal society, and discuss how the roles and participation of Indigenous women in Haudenosaunee civilizations is an enactment and embodiment of peacebuilding. This workshop also explores how Haudenosaunee civilization is structured upon equity and equality of all, which is a critical element of how peacebuilding may be implemented today. Themes of connectedness, dialogue, acceptance, peace, love, and transformation in Hodinohsó:ni cultural stories will also be discussed.

Workshop Fee: $50.00


“Environmental Justice as Peace” with Darren Thomas

This workshop will explore the Hodinohsó:ni beliefs about Creation, which is that all elements of the universe has a spirit and deserves to be honoured. We as humanity are here to be caretakers of Creation. We have to understand our dependence on the Natural world and consider Mother Earth to be the primary holder of knowledge, because she holds the answers to live a happy, full life.

Workshop Fee: $50.00