Submitting Proof of Vaccination

Providing proof of vaccination

  1. Download, scan, or photograph your proof of vaccination. For vaccines received in Ontario, this can be obtained through Ontario’s vaccination portal at


  1. Submit the proof as follows:


SNP STEAM Academy students may submit proof directly to the school or by email to


All other students may submit the proof through email to


SNP staff may upload through the Bamboo HR portal


  1. Submitted proof will be securely reviewed by SNP in accordance with privacy regulations. Once vaccination status is verified you will be placed on our confirmed campus access list. This list will not identify vaccination status


If you are experiencing difficulties with this process or would prefer to request an alternative means of submitting this information please use the following contacts:


SNP STEAM Academy Students:

SNP college, trades, and university students:

SNP Staff:


If you would like to request an exemption from the vaccine requirement, please visit our exemption page here.