September 7, 2021- Six Nations Polytechnic (SNP) COVID-19 vaccination requirements and campus access

Last week SNP announced that anyone accessing our campus facilities would be required to demonstrate proof of vaccination against COVID-19. This is a measure that is supported by local and provincial public health authorities. In a follow-up to this announcement, we are providing more details on how to submit your proof of vaccination or request an exemption from this requirement.


Submitting proof of vaccination

Instruction on how to download your proof of vaccination from the Ontario vaccination portal and/or submit your proof of vaccination can be found here.


Requesting an exemption from vaccination proof

For those that would like to request an exemption to the vaccination proof process for medical, religion/creed or for any other reasons will be required to complete an exemption request form. Click here to access information on this process.



SNP will also be continuing to observe the mask mandate. For those that are unable to wear a mask, you may access our mask exemption form here.


Rapid testing and COVID-19 education

Rapid testing for COVID-19 and vaccine education are a part of our safe return to on-site learning plan this fall. SNP will have an on-site testing centre for those that have not provided proof of vaccination and/or are on an approved exemption. More information on rapid testing can be found here.


COVID-19 education sessions are a part of our additional requirements for individuals on an approved religion/creed, or other exemption. These sessions will cover the following topics; how COVID-19 vaccines work; vaccine safety related to the development of the COVID-19 vaccines; the benefits of vaccination against COVID-19; risks of not being vaccinated against COVID-19; and possible side effects of COVID-19 vaccination.