Program Description

If you are not currently enrolled in a Six Nations Polytechnic program and would like to take a course for general interest, you can apply as a Listener. As a listener, you attend all classes, but are not required to complete assignments or tests, no credit or grade is earned upon completion, and future transfer credits are not applicable.

Classes available for Listener Category:

  • From the University Consortium Year 1 Program – Intro to Mohawk Language and Culture, Intermediate Mohawk, Intro to Cayuga Language and Culture, and Intermediate Cayuga
  • From the Bachelor of Ogwehoweh Language Program(s) - Language 1, Grammar 1, Ethnobotany, Ethnoastronomy, History 1-Cosmology, Community 1, Academic Writing, and Lifelong Learning 1.

Tuition: $379.20 *Based on 2021/2022 fee structure; subject to change

Application Fee: $30 non-refundable