Six Nations Polytechnic launches new Mohawk language app

OHSWEKEN, November 15, 2017 – During its Indigenous Research Symposium today, Six Nations Polytechnic announced a brand new Mohawk language app, in addition to the Cayuga language app that was launched just over a year ago. Following the successful launch of the Cayuga language app, it became clear that there was a need and desire for a Mohawk app as well.

Several staff from SNP worked on the development of the app, including Sara General, Jennie Anderson, Ryan Decaire, Tom Deer, Martha Lickers, Scott Longboat, and Alyssa M. General. The team began work on the app in May 2017 which involved countless hours of translating, recording, and programming. The app developer is called Thornton Media Inc. and they also worked on the Cayuga Language app with Six Nations Polytechnic.

Users can download the app via the App Store on Apple Products, and the Google Play store for Androids. Once downloaded, users can browse different categories such as Greetings, Clans, Nations, Numbers, Places, Feelings, Seasons, and more. They will then be able to listen to words, see the correct spelling with diacritical marks, and play games to test their knowledge. There are also options to test listening, speaking and reading skills, based on what area users are hoping to improve.

“We decided to make the app similar to the Cayuga app which we launched last year as a resource for learners. So many people want to be able to learn our languages but may not have time to get to a class. This offers them a way to learn some basic phrases and foundational language on their own time, in a fun and exciting way.”
- Sara General, Development Officer at Six Nations Polytechnic

“We’re very proud of the results of our hard work developing both the Mohawk and Cayuga language apps. Hopefully people in our communities will be able to practice, get comfortable with the language, and one day enrol in the Ogwehoweh Language Degree that we offer here at SNP.”
- Tom Deer, Mohawk and Cayuga Language Instructor at Six Nations Polytechnic

About Six Nations Polytechnic:
SNP is a unique post-secondary organization, recognized by the community, government and institutions of higher learning, as a centre of excellence for Indigenous Knowledge. SNP’s mandate of Indigenous Sustainability calls for the perpetual use of Indigenous Knowledge (understood and expressed through language, values, and actions) that provides the capacity to live in harmony with the natural world while restoring and maintaining a healthy existence in a nation with diverse citizenship and needs.

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