Six Nations Polytechnic Acquires Brantford Campus

Brantford, ON - Six Nations Polytechnic (SNP) is celebrating another historic moment this week after recently appointing an inaugural Vice President Academic. The institution is officially the proud owner of its Brantford campus facilities. This marks a significant achievement for SNP, improving access to facilities that support the tremendous growth that has taken place over the past several years including the introduction of trades training and the SNP STEAM Academy. Six Nations Polytechnic is open to all learners and offers enhanced supports to help students succeed in their chosen pathway.

“Six Nations of the Grand River is very pleased with the rapid growth of SNP programming at both campuses and the unprecedented success of SNP learners as evidenced by graduation and employment rates. SNP has a unique capacity to support the development of self-sufficient, educated, employable people while building understanding across cultures. What we have all experienced in the past few weeks affirms that this approach to learning is much needed and will strengthen our individual and collective capacity to seek truth, reconciliation and restore respectful mutually beneficial relationships,” said Chief Mark Hill.

Six Nations Polytechnic began leasing a portion of the Brantford campus facilities in 2015, quickly expanding its program offerings and welcoming learners. The Brantford campus is home to the SNP STEAM Academy, trades training, and college programs. With space of more than 14 000 m2, the campus offers state-of-the-art classrooms and technology, health labs, trades training equipment, fitness facilities, and more. Acquiring this space will enable SNP to further expand its programming and create more options for supporting student success.

“Securing SNPs second campus provides the required infrastructure to SNP to continue to positively contribute to the well-being of all who share this land and to create and preserve knowledge specific to Ogwehoweh languages and culture through respectful interaction and information sharing with other knowledge systems,” said Rebecca Jamieson.

About SNP

Six Nations Polytechnic is a unique post-secondary organization, recognized by the community, government, and institutions of higher learning, as a Centre of Excellence for Indigenous Knowledge. Located in Canada’s most populous First Nation and rooted in Ga’nigohi:yo:/Kanikoriio (Respect and the Good Mind) values. SNP offers signature programs such as the Bachelor of Arts in Ogwehoweh languages and the SNP STEAM Academy a secondary to college/trades school. A range of programming offerings is available to learners at the college, trades, university, continuing education, and secondary school levels. The Institution is also home to Deyohahá:ge:, the Indigenous Knowledge Centre, a resource and research centre supporting Indigenous knowledge preservation and mobilization.

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