Mask Exemptions

Mask Exemptions

The Public Health Agency of Canada has stated that masks play a role in stopping the spread of COVID-19. They act as a barrier and reduce the chance of spreading infectious respiratory droplets to others and prevent infectious droplets from landing on surfaces from coughs or sneezes.


The Ontario Government has announced in its Guide to Reopening Ontario’s Schools (Updated) and PSE Guidance Framework that masks will be mandatory for students and staff, including in hallways and during classes, in public and shared office spaces, and outdoors where distance cannot be maintained. The health and safety measures that staff and students take while attending work and school will assist Six Nations Polytechnic in keeping its campuses open.


Six Nations Polytechnic recognizes that, for medical or other reasons, it may not be possible for some to wear a mask on campus. Please be advised that, in cases where staff or students are not able to wear a mask, alternative measures may be required to protect the health and safety of others.


To request a copy of our mask exemption form please contact one of the following:


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