Learning the Ganǫ́hǫnyǫhk (Thanksgiving Address) in Gayogo̱ho:nǫˀ (the Cayuga Language)

SNP will be offering a 5-week beginner language workshop focusing on the Thanksgiving Address in the Cayuga language, instructed by Goihwae Henry. Participants will be taught basic vocabulary and grammar as they explore the theme of the workshop. These beginner language workshops are non-accredited (this means no official documentation is granted and is not eligible for any academic credit now or in the future). Workshops are open to community members 18 years or older.

Attendance in all five weeks of the workshop is mandatory.

Classes are every Wednesday. June 8 to July 6, 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM.

To complete your registration, please send your $30.00 registration fee via e-transfer to finance@snpolytechnic.com if you do not pay directly online.

Following a completed registration, you will be emailed the link to the virtual meeting.

Contact info: Sonia Hayer, Unit Coordinator – University (Sonia.Hayer@snpolytechnic.com)

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