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Homework Support Centre

students on computers

Through individual and/or group tutoring, students will receive assistance with all aspects of their homework assignments. Homework Support is offered every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening at Six Nations Polytechnic from 6:00 - 9:00 PM. Qualified teachers/tutors are available every evening for any assistance that students might require.

Services offered through the Homework Support program include an introduction to math and science programs, coordination of Language Arts programs that meet the needs of students, and round table working groups for secondary math and science study, for secondary exams. The use of computer programs for Math, Science, and Literacy provides additional support for students who are at risk.  Other internet-based resources include Internet reading and research programs, online sites for multiplication tables and reviews, JUMP math program for junior students, and access to online Cayuga and Mohawk language programs. Learning opportunities are available for all subject areas including elementary math concepts and access to Lexia Reading and Symphony Math Programs offered at Six Nations Schools, The Homework Support program also helps students with organizational skills that provide a good foundation for success throughout the school year. 

The ultimate goal of the Homework Support Program is to promote positive attitudes about learning, provide ongoing support throughout the school year, and build a good foundation for students moving from elementary to secondary school and from secondary school to post-secondary education.  A tremendous strength of the program is its qualified tutors for both elementary and secondary subjects. With a secondary focus on Math and Science qualifications, tutors are able to support all student needs and provide concrete examples of what teachers require for good marks.

The internet is a great teaching resource for students during homework support and at home. Training is provided for accessing tutorials online and assisting students with their learning process. Access to the Internet at Six Nations Polytechnic is vital for those students who come to Homework Support. Projects requiring internet research such as Music Projects, Haudenosaunee Cultural Fair, Science Fair, and Geography/History projects are well supported. Students who do not have Internet access at home are encouraged to come to Homework Support, for Internet use and research capabilities. Students can also use the internet to access homework, online assignments, and school-related activities.

Attending Homework Support early in the semester or school year allows students to become familiar with the program so that it is easy to attend when they require help with their studies, assignments, and homework.

Homework Support offers Six Nations youth in grades 5-12 homework assistance in all subject areas in a relaxed, supportive learning environment.

In previous years, the grade levels were set at 6-12 but through contact with parents and teachers, we are finding that grade 5 students could benefit from homework support also. Students have access to the internet/computers to complete assignments and projects. Students are required to bring their homework, books, and any materials that will assist the tutors in supporting their needs. The location is a quiet place to work and study. We offer tutor support especially for Math and Science (Chemistry, Biology, Calculus, and Physics) courses in secondary school so that these students have a dedicated tutor who works with and knows the curriculum expectations.

Our goal is to support students in all areas of their academic achievements through continued homework support. Our tutors work at various elementary and secondary schools with our students and have expertise in their subject area of support.

Program Dates

Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
6:00 pm to 8:45 pm

Six Nations Polytechnic
2160 Fourth Line
Ohsweken, ON N0A 1M0

There will be three fully qualified teachers/tutors available every evening for assistance. One tutor will be designated and trained in:

  • Secondary Math and Science curriculum expectations.
  • Elementary Math and Science curriculum expectations.
  • Elementary and Secondary Language Arts, Geography, History, Independent Research Projects, and other subject areas.

View the Course List for a complete listing of courses offered for this year.