Our vision for Six Nations Polytechnic continues to strive for an Ogwehoweh focused institution of learning which focuses on our primary responsibility to the people and the survival of our Hodinohsó:ni`/Rotinonhshonni languages, culture and natural environment.

The Board acknowledges and thanks our Indigenous Knowledge Guardians for their generous dedication and commitment to SNP ensuring that we as a people will carry forward with our language, knowledge and way of life for all who want to learn, and for those of future generations. In addition, the Board has continued to focus our work with ensuring “Ends” policies, building “Linkages” with Community Boards, and that our community and students have the opportunities that will continue to contribute towards their overall goals of education, self-sufficiency and employment.

Board of Directors


Alfred Keye

Cultural Advisor


Audrey Powless-Bomberry

Six Nations Elected Council Rep.

Bonnie Freeman

Vice Chair

D. Kevin Martin

Board Chair


Janie Jamieson



Kerdo Deer

Grand River Post Secondary Education Office Representative

Melba Thomas

Community Member

Michelle Davis

Community Member


Myka Burning

Student Rep. - Six Nations Campus