Personal Conduct Expectations

Students, guests, and staff are to be treated with respect and dignity. In return, they must demonstrate respect for themselves, for others, and for the responsibilities of citizenship through acceptable behavior.

Hodinohso:ni people are given four gifts: Love, Compassion, Strength, and a Good Mind. These gifts can be used by all people to show respect and responsibility. In everything, we ask that our students build a community of people where we all feel welcome. To do this emphasize the demonstration of the values of Ga’nigohi:yo/Ka’nikonhri:io:


We are working with our students to help them develop into healthy, well-rounded individuals who can support and be supported by others in times of difficulty. STEAM’s hands-off policy covers both rough-housing and public displays of affection.

To show these values and build the community we expect our students to:

1) Be kind.

We are here, staff and students, to take care of each other and support each other each day. This means that we need to be friendly to and work with everyone, not just our friends so that everyone can feel safe and welcome. Everyone is to take responsibility for their actions and we will work to repair relationships between people where they have fractured. We are all responsible to not endanger ourselves, or others. If a student is coming to school without a good mind, we ask that instead of taking it out on others, they would:

2) Ask for help.

All students can ask staff throughout the school for help with academics and more; we have a wellness room with staff to help guide students through tough thoughts and emotions so that they can work at getting through the day in class, getting work done. In addition to this, ask for help for others if someone looks like they need support, are down, or you witness suspicious behaviour. To get the most out of your academics we ask that you:

3) Work hard.

We expect all of our students to put in an honest effort and work hard at each and everything they do. We are here to help our students develop many skills and we need them to take hold of those opportunities and use them wisely by participating. In order to do that it is important that our students:

4) Be here.

When we say be here, we want your student to be in all of their classes each day, on time, ready to participate. A willingness to learn, and excitement about what is going to happen in class, or a lack of it, can make or break a lesson. All of these things, working together will:

5) Build community.

Our school is a meeting place of technology and culture, we want to model a successful community of people from various backgrounds, facing various challenges, who are supporting and encouraging each other to become the best that we can be.

See “Progressive Discipline” for further details on behaviour expectations and consequences for breaches of the Code of Conduct.

Online Conduct

Personal Safety Rules to follow:

  • Never reveal information about your personal identity (such as your name, address, phone number, age, physical description, or school) to strangers whom you may encounter online. Likewise, do not reveal such information in a public online forum where you may not know everyone who might see the information.
  • Never reveal personal information online about someone else unless you have their prior permission and you know the information will not be used for harmful purposes.
  • Never reveal your access passwords or those of anyone else.
  • Never send a picture of yourself, another person, or a group over an electronic network without prior informed permission of all the individuals involved and, in the case of minors, their parents, or guardians.
  • Report immediately to a teacher any message or request that you receive that bothers you or that suggests personal contact with you.
  • Never publish the specific dates, times, and locations of field trips to people who are not directly entitled to such information or to public forums where unknown persons might access the information.
  • Use technology in classes as directed by staff

Students are not allowed to access, upload, download, store, display, distribute or publish any information that:

  • Threatens or intimidates any person or suggests violence, hatred, or discrimination toward other people;
  • Uses inappropriate and/or abusive language or conduct;
  • Contains inappropriate religious or political messages;
  • Violates or infringes the rights of any other person according to the Six Nations Polytechnic and STEAM Academy policies, Ministry of Education policies, the Ontario Human Rights Code, or the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms;
  • Is racially, culturally, or religiously offensive;
  • Encourages the use of controlled substances, participation in an illegal act, or uses the system to incite criminal actions;
  • Is of a defamatory, abusive, obscene, profane, pornographic, or sexually explicit nature;
  • Contains personal information, images, or signatures of individuals without their prior informed consent;
  • Constitutes messages of sexual harassment or which contains inappropriate romantic overtones;
  • Solicits any users on behalf of any business or commercial organization without appropriate authorization;
  • Supports bulk mail, junk mail, or “spamming”;
  • Propagates chain letters, or other e-mail debris; attempts to hide, disguise or misrepresent the identity of the sender.