Our School

SNP Steam

Our Vision

Our Vision is to achieve international distinction for excellence in Indigenous education, Indigenous language revitalization, and continuance of Indigenous knowledge.

Our Mission

“Redesigning Education for Life Success”

The mission of SNP STEAM Academy is to provide students with the knowledge, abilities, and attitudes to create a pathway that enables them to become confident, proficient, and skilled leaders of their community and society in general.

Included in this mission is the positive contribution to the well-being of all who share this land and the ability to create and preserve knowledge specific to Ogwehoweh languages and culture through respectful interaction and information sharing with other knowledge systems.

SNP STEAM Academy students experience science, technology, engineering, arts, and math as the focus. We foster innovation as this model, the first of its kind in Canada, brings together the best elements of high school, college, and career.

Our Values

We believe in the values of a good mind and hold all of our students accountable to demonstrating these values which include:

Hodinohsó:ni’ Values of Ga’nigo ̨̱hí:yo: / Ka’nikonhrí:io

Fairness (gędęǫh́hsra’) (kentenrónhshera) (odihwagwaíhshyǫ)

Sharing (degai̱hwakahsǫ́hsra’) (aterihwakhahsiónhshera) (adę̱nidę:sä:)

Honesty (odrihwagwai̱hsǫ́hsra’) (aterihwakwarihsióntshera) (gaya’da:dęnih)

Kindness (adęnidę́ǫ̱hsra’) (ateniteróntshera’) (adęnidę:sä:)

Confidentiality (adrihwa̱hséhdǫ̱hsra’) (aterihwahsehtónshera’) (gaihwahséhdih)

Consistency (oihwadógę̱hsra’) (aterihwatokéntshera’) (gaihwadó:gęh)

Integrity (oya’dawádǫ̱hsra’) (atkwenióntshera’) (ganihgǫhęwá:nę)

Responsibility (adrihǫdá:tsra’) (aterihontátshera) (gaihwayę̱dáhgwih)

Responsiveness (adehsrǫníhsǫ̱hsra’) (kariwahserakwáhshera’) (gaihwasá:gwę̱h)

Cooperation (gayenawáhsra’) (kaienawáhshera’) (gayenawáhsä)

Openness (ganhodǫgwę́hsra’) (kanhotonkwénhshera’) (ganigǫhí:yok)

Trustworthiness (oihwadóge̱hsra’) (tekaniahesénhtshera’) (hoyada:dę:ni)

Our Philosophy

Mr. Harvey Longboat was an esteemed Six Nations educator and Six Nations Polytechnic Board member. He continues to influence and inspire the direction Six Nations Polytechnic and SNP STEAM Academy with the following message:

If a people do not keep pace with others perhaps it is because they hear a different drummer. Allow them to step in harmony to the music which they hear however measured or far away. All elements of the natural world are connected physically and spiritually and are to interrelate to each other to benefit the whole. The responsibility falls on the people to peacefully maintain nature’s delicate balance to ensure that unborn generations can enjoy what we enjoy today.

SNP STEAM Academy accepts this responsibility and is devoted to facilitating the will and determination of the Six Nations and surrounding communities to maintain an environmentally friendly world through education, training, and research.


The Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) is a key stepping stone in the educational journey of any student. This diploma opens the door to college and university and allows students to truly open their minds and world to options for both the workforce and continuing education.

We at SNP STEAM Academy believe that job and life preparedness skills are absolutely essential in this process and strive to build these critical skills into the delivery of the OSSD. By completing the OSSD, students will gain knowledge in subjects ranging from Mathematics to Green Industries. Of equal importance are the skills that students will learn to use throughout their time earning this diploma.

An OSSD is much more than a diploma denoting an amount of time spent in school; it is the gateway to personal discovery and a path to future successes, both personal and community-wide. We truly believe the time spent in Secondary School is a critically important life stage and during their time at SNP STEAM Academy, our students will come to believe the same.

Robotics at the Six Nations Polytechnic STEAM Academy

Here at the SNP STEAM Academy, we offer opportunities for students to learn about robotics in grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 or as a member of our robotics team. Pre-COVID, we competed in First Robotics events at McMaster University and Humber College. Twice, our team won the STEMley Cup in the off-season event held annually in Hamilton. We expect to resume competition at the 2022 STEMley Cup championship and at FIrst Robotics events in 2023.

There are both technical and non-technical roles for youth team members to take on. Design and build competition robots and learn about:

  • computer-assisted design,
  • 3D printing, using a CNC router and shop machines and tools to fabricate parts,
  • motors and electrical wiring,
  • pneumatics, and
  • computer programming;

or, learn about:

  • business planning,
  • photography,
  • web page design,
  • fundraising,
  • community outreach;

and much more!

Actua Partnership - Land Camp

  • Actua is Canada's largest STEM outreach group.
  • Through Actua we receive support to offer a range of programs from coding work with students to our annual for credit Land Camp.
  • Land camp gives students a high school credit grounded in Hodinohs:ni culture and language. This can be taken in the summer between grades 8 and 9 to assist with the transition and help students find early success and make friends before entering high school.