STEAM Students

Two students

This educational resource provides students with a comprehensive education and career mapping process. myBlueprint allows students to use an education planner that will equip them to make informed decisions about their future. The high school planner gives students a tool to visually plan toward Ontario graduation requirements. This resource allows students to discover themselves by completing job compatibility surveys that will unlock powerful occupational matches to better inform student self-discovery. The students can explore prospective post-secondary opportunities in apprenticeships, colleges and universities, and workplaces. Furthermore, students can search for a variety of occupations by analyzing a career’s job description, required education, job outlook, salary, and much more.

eLearning - Desire2Learn

Desire2Learn (D2L) offers the best learning management system for online or blended learning. D2L allows teachers to reach every learner with time-saving tools that will enable the creation of learning materials and class announcements to be posted in a central location that is accessible to students and parents via the Internet. D2L permits parental engagement by allowing parents to audit their son/daughter’s learning experiences/progress by logging into their student’s account to view test results, upcoming assignment deadlines in every class, and other class activities.

The D2L platform offers more learning choices to schools. Students are able to collect artifacts of their learning, formative and summative evaluations, and make their learning materials more engaging with various forms of multimedia. The D2L learning platform provides SNP STEAM with the ability to aggregate their learning resources, align their lessons and materials directly to curriculum expectations, and provide teachers with the ability to view the analytics of their students in order to track individual learners’ progress.