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Progressive Discipline

Safe Schools and Promoting Positive Student Behaviour

A progressive discipline is a whole-school approach to dealing with inappropriate student behavior. The approach uses a continuum of interventions, supports, and consequences to reinforce positive behavior while helping students make good choices. It includes the use of early and ongoing intervention strategies to address inappropriate behavior promptly and consistently. Students are given opportunities to learn from the choices they make and have provisions that enable them to continue their education.

The Education Act requires staff to report to the principal incidents for which students can be suspended or expelled; the principal to contact parents of victims of serious incidents; and staff working directly with students to address all instances of inappropriate and disrespectful behavior including racist, sexist, and/or homophobic comments. (Adapted from Ontario Schools Policy and Program Requirements, 2011.) Students are responsible to report all incidents of inappropriate or dangerous behaviours to a staff member.

Disciplinary actions may involve but are not limited to a warning, a referral, a call home, completion of a discipline package, detention(s), removal from the class (short term or permanently), removal from a school activity, and/or an out-of-school suspension. If appropriate, Restorative Justice is an option that can be made available. Decisions regarding disciplinary action are at the discretion of the administration and may move further along the continuum of progressive discipline.


Should progressive discipline NOT be working or should a student’s actions be of a severity requiring more serious consequences, students can and will be suspended or expelled from SNP STEAM Academy.

Following the Safe Schools Act and Education Act the following actions require a mandatory suspension and consideration for expulsion:

  • Possessing a weapon, including possessing a firearm
  • Using a weapon to cause or to threaten bodily harm to another person.
  • Physical assault causing bodily harm requiring treatment by a medical practitioner.
  • Committing sexual assault
  • Trafficking in weapons or illegal drugs
  • Committing robbery
  • Giving alcohol or drugs to a minor
  • Bullying, if: the pupil has been suspended for bullying previously, and the pupil’s continued presence in the school creates an unacceptable safety risk.
  • Any suspendable activity that is motivated by bias, prejudice, or hate.

SNP STEAM Academy policy also considers, but is not limited to, the following actions requiring a suspension and possible expulsion:

  • Premeditated physical assault (where premeditation is likely)
  • Any situation where the pupil’s continued presence in the school creates an unacceptable safety risk.

Following the Safe Schools Act and Education Act the following actions may result in a discretionary suspension:

  • Uttering a threat to inflict serious bodily harm on another person.
  • Possessing alcohol or illegal drugs
  • Being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs
  • Swearing at or persistent opposition to a teacher or person in a position of authority
  • Vandalism that causes extensive damage to, or to property located on, the pupil’s school.
  • Bullying (any repeated pattern of physical, mental, or emotional abuse with one or more students)

Busing Regulations

Riding the bus to school is a privilege. Students are responsible to the school principal and bus driver while riding the bus. Our bus drivers are trained to deliver students safely to and from school. It is the collective appropriate behavior of the passengers that ensures the ride remains safe. Bus misbehaviours are treated as all school behaviours are, and will be subject to the progressive discipline strategies the school has set out. This may extend to a suspension of transportation privileges. In accordance with the bus company transportation policies, students are to use the bus only to travel to and from school. There are no allowances for courtesy transportation such as to visit friends, go to jobs, or for other social reasons. Students may only ride on their designated bus.

Weapons and Substances

STEAM Academy has a Zero Tolerance Policy on the use or possession of weapons of any kind at school, as well as alcohol, drugs and drug paraphernalia on school grounds, or during school sanctioned events.

Any students who transgress this rule will be subject to appropriate consequences, including suspension or expulsion depending on the scenario.

Smoking of any kind including e-cigarettes or vapes on SNP STEAM Academy property is not permitted due to health, legal and fire regulations.

STEAM Academy does not condone or encourage smoking, however, students who smoke are responsible to remove themselves from the premises during appropriate breaks to smoke on municipal property along Elgin Street and return to class on time.

Drugs and Alcohol

SNP STEAM Academy operates under a policy of zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol at school, or at school-related activities. Under The Safe Schools Act (2000) any student who is in possession of alcohol or drugs, under the influence, or suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs while that student is at school or engaged in a school-related activity may face a suspension. Drugs, drug paraphernalia, and alcohol will be confiscated, and it may become a police matter. Lockers and backpacks/purses can be searched as well as the contents within the lockers. If a student is in possession of drugs or alcohol for the purpose of distribution, the student may face expulsion from school.