Related by Edward Cornplanter (Great Night) and recorded as translated by William Bluesky, Ganosho.

Now (it seems), there were twin brothers one named Younger and the other Driven. The brothers were accustomed to play about two hills. Driven would go up one hill and jump to the summit of the other. Younger would stay in the valley between and amuse himself by shooting arrows at him as he jumped. Now, as Driven jumped, Younger sang a song:

"Ha-do-wi, Ha-do-wi, Ha-do-wi, O-ne-di-no-o-ha-ga-gon Ha-do-wi!"

Now their grandmother always forbade them to use a certain arrow. This arrow belonged to their father who used it. They played day after day in this manner. After some time, they began to discuss among themselves why it was that their grandmother had forbidden them to use the arrow. Then they decided, notwithstanding, to use the arrow.