Program Description

This Principal Qualifications Program (PQP) explores with candidates one of the most critical roles in our educational system. The program is designed to support candidates as critically reflective educational leaders who function effectively in dynamic, diverse, and complex contexts characterized by rapidly changing circumstances. The program components are rooted in the five leadership domains identified in School-Level Leadership found within the Ontario Leadership Framework. Candidates will identify and respond to systemic barriers and be empowered to advocate for and honour the diversity of voice and perspective as they engage with educational leadership practices and experiences. 

Admission Requirements: 

PQP is open to teachers who are OCT members of good standing, possess an acceptable postsecondary degree and Teacher’s certificate with five years teaching experience, qualifications in three divisions including Intermediate and a master's degree or two specialists, or one specialist and half a master's degree.

Candidates must be qualified for admission according to Regulation 184-97 of the Ontario College of Teachers Act.

Certification will be recommended to the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) for those candidates who successfully complete the course, and who hold membership with OCT, and who hold a valid or interim Certificate of Qualification/letter of Eligibility.

Registered with the Ontario College of Teachers

Program Fee: $950 (includes a $50 non-refundable admin fee)

Application Fee: $30

Six Nations Polytechnic accepts the following options for program and application fee payments: Credit (Visa, Mastercard), e-Transfer

  • Cancellation Schedule

Prior to the first class: 100% (minus $50 admin fee)

After the first week of class: 75% refund (minus $50 admin fee)

After the second week of class: 50% refund (minus $50 admin fee)

After the third week of class: 25% refund (minus $50 admin fee)

After the fourth week of class: 0% refund

Career Paths: 

Elementary School Principal