Program Description

This one-year Visual Arts program, in partnership with OCAD University, provides students with the first year of their OCAD Bachelor of Fine Arts degree or a Certificate of Completion.

This program is designed for visual communicators who want to learn to express themselves creatively. Combining contemporary and traditional Indigenous asthetic and social studies with studio-based art education prepares students to engage in complex and evolving global discourses around Indigenous history, art history and contemporary art practice across a range of expression, materials and media. The Indigenous Visual Arts Program at Six Nations Polytechnic is delivered through a mixture of in-class settings, hands-on studio work and online learning.

Students choosing the OCADU transfer credit option must successfully complete the Indigenous Visual Arts program at Six Nations Polytechnic with an overall 70% average and a minimum grade of 70% in the academic writing course. A portfolio of work must also be submitted.

Please note that deadline to apply for certain funding is May 30/17 & September 30/17

Admission Requirements: 
  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent 
  • Applicants may also apply as a Mature Student
Career Paths: 
  • Painter
  • Sculptor
  • Carver
  • Printmaker
  • Modeler
  • Decorations Painter
  • Visual Arts, Etcher
  • Landscape Artist
  • Lithographic Artist
  • Mural Painter
  • Portrait Painter
  • Historian/Instructor/Teacher in all fields